Please perform the NASA Lunar Rover activity first. You'll learn the simulator concepts and a lot about Lunar exploration.

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Activity Scenario

You are on the mission planning team that will determine the best route for the first trip using the new pressurized Lunar Rover Vehicle (Rover 1). The LRV is at Station A, and your job is to find the fastest route to complete the three tasks below and return to Station A. You have to find the shortest route or else you will run out of oxygen, which will terminate your career as an astronaut.

Here are the tasks to be completed – they can be done in any order, you just have to make sure the rover goes to stations D, E and F and returns to A.

  1. Check instrument settings at Station F
  2. Pick up 200 kg of equipment at Station E
  3. Replace a dead battery at Station D

The average speed of the rover without equipment can be determined in test runs. Pay attention! You won’t be allowed to repeat them. Note the distance traveled and the time interval for the loaded and empty rover. You’ll need this to calculate time for all possible travel routes.

Use the diagram below to plan the route and to calculate distances in kilometers to two decimal places. Calculate travel times of routes in hours to two decimal places.

Just watch your oxygen!!!

You may use a calculator or a spreadsheet to assist you with your calculations.

rover path diagram
* not all possible routes are shown

When you enter lengths to one decimal place in the table below, you will see your numbers appear on the image (whether or not they are correct).

Rate Test


Distance traveled:
100 km

Average Time Empty:
4 hours

Average Time Loaded:
5 hours

Calcuate the average rates of the empty and loaded rovers in km/h

Travel Rate Empty:

Travel Rate Loaded:



Enter lengths to two decimal places in the table below. You can tab between boxes.

Rover Test