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Mozilla Open Badge Backpack

Sign Up!

It’s easy to sign up for a Backpack to store your badges. You just need a working email address and a password. Learners can sign up for – or log into – their badge backpack here:

Badge Collections – They Can Be Shared

Badge earners can sort their badges into personal collections, and share links to specific collections with different people (e.g., a games collection for friends and a skills collection for potential employers). To share a collection, at the bottom of the collection click the “public” box and the “share this group” tool (). Send your new browser URL to anyone you’d like to see these badges. 

Learn More About Open Badges and the Backpack

Learners can click on “Earn” on the Mozilla OpenBadges website to learn more, be introduced to additional badge providers, and be given the chance to earn introductory badges from Mozilla.

Parental Permission Required for Mozilla Backpack Users Under 13!

Students, if you’re doing activities at home and want to earn badges and store them in an online backpack, please discuss this with your parents.


SEVERAL of the badge activities on this Badges for NASA Activities site can be done by children younger than 13. While they may not receive an official badge, they can receive a certificate documenting their achievements. No permissions are needed for certificates, but a working email is needed to direct the certificate.


This Badges website DOES NOT SAVE any personal information about badge earners, but the Mozilla Open Badge Backpack site DOES SAVE user email addresses, passwords, and all badge information.


Educators/Youth Group Leaders working with youth on earning badges through the Mozilla Backpack–please get parent permission and discuss Internet Safety Guidelines with the students. Attached is a sample permission request for a youth to sign up for a Mozilla Backpack. Feel free to modify and copy to your letterhead.


To follow federal regulations to protect children (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act – COPPA), parental permission is required for students younger than 13 to enter online websites where any personal information is stored.


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